Enhanced Communication System For Greater Manchester Bee Network

Gaynor Tattersall 28 September 2023

TES Communication Solutions has played a key role in the implementation of a multi-site digital radio system supporting the vision for better buses in Greater Manchester.

TES and Transport for Greater Manchester worked together to support the return of the bus network to public control for the first time in 40 years. A new communication system plays an important part in delivering the Bee Network, a fairer, greener and more prosperous public transport solution.

The new radio system, designed and deployed by TES and it's partner, Tait Communications, will deliver sophisticated voice, data and fleet management capabilities. The system provides DMR Tier 3 technology alongside multi carrier back up functionality which will evolve to include GPS tracking and automated work flows. As one of the most sophisticated transport communication systems in the UK, this will have a direct impact on the growth of the bus network usage and by 2030 the strategy is to achieve more popular, affordable, frequent and reliable buses.

Driver and passenger safety has been key in the design of the system. Dedicated control channels mean that emergency calls can be pro-actively prioritised regardless of system traffic, and a dedicated backhaul infrastructure largely independent of public cellular networks means that in the event of a major incident in key areas, network control will still be able to communicate with vehicles to manage a fluid response.

Wesley Shilton, Director of TES says "TES are delighted to have played a key part in the first phase of Manchester's vision for a future of integrated, low emission, safe and reliable bus transportation.

The brand new digital radio system equipped with the latest in dispatch and multi-carrier technology was delivered in time for the Mayor's inaugural bus journey on the morning of the 24th September.

It is wonderful to see hundreds of distinctive yellow Bee Network vehicles, including a fleet of brand new zero emission vehicles, using cutting edge radio technology to helps bus users travel more efficiently and safely around the region".

TES Communication Solutions’ systems have been installed in transport and infrastructure networks around the world where there is a need for mission critical communications including in Taiwan, Angola, Thailand, Turkey, and Manchester Metrolink, Midland Metro, Blackpool Transport in the UK, as well as deployments for organisations such as the MOD, UBS Bank, Petrochemicals Companies and Astra Zeneca.