Solution Portfolio

TES specialise in working with clients from all industries to define bespoke solutions. We draw from a broad portfolio of technical solutions and 30 years of experience.

Our solutions are future proofed, modular for feature expansion, supported by comprehensive in-life service packages, and available via cloud based, owned infrastructure or hybrid roll outs.

Our portfolio includes:

Radio Systems

A radio system is where intelligent infrastructure is used to improve voice and data communications. The use of digital repeaters and IP fleet and team management tools opens a world of functional enhancements where the system becomes the backbone of your day to day operations.

Radios & Accessories

TES deploy two way back to back radio, single site, city wide and national communication systems. We supply all makes and models of radio.


Repeaters and nodes form the central intelligence of your radio system. We supply all makes and models both to support existing systems or develop and deploy new ones.

Consult &Design

TES is independent of radio hardware manufacturers and has detailed knowledge of all current radio products and standards. This means we can truly advise upon the best bespoke design solution for you.


Having install, mast rigging and radio engineering teams makes us a true full-service partner.


TES are experts at assessing existing systems and returning them to optimal performance. TES can optimise all generations of radio technology from all main brands.

Support & Maintain

Subscribing to TES maintenance means that you know your system will function as prescribed for years to come and that you can really rely on its operational benefits.


Push To Talk Over Cellular

PTToC (Push To Talk over Cellular) enables users to replicate two-way radio features on their cellular phone. By subscribing to a PTToC app calls can be made at the push of a button. Enjoy fast deployment with global coverage.

Technology Focus

Read our technology focus where TES shares the pros and cons of PTToC and discusses how it can form part of a properly integrated system. Read here.

Cloud Based

PTToC systems work through cellular and WiFi networks. This means that functionality is possible wherever a stable connection can be made.

Radio System Integration

PTToC can be integrated into your digital radio system. This means you can benefit from the resilience of a dedicated system on critical sites.

Managed Service

Enjoy the benefits of out sourcing with the confidence that comes with engaging technical experts.


Multi Bearer Vehicle Communications

Extend the boundaries and enjoy resilience offered by a multi connectivity solution.

Multi Bearer Resilience

Enjoy extended system coverage and functionality using bearers such as Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, PTToC and satellite.

Smart Data

Use your system to carry and mange data, either exclusively or alongside voice communications.

Asset Protection

Smart, automated asset logging and tracking protects the items you rely on most.


Dispatcher Solutions

Fully featured control room solutions built to your needs on a modular basis.

Scalable Voice Dispatch

Place and receive different types of radio calls, such as private or group calls. The PC based dispatch system offers an intuitive user interface, enabling the dispatcher to concentrate on tasks that matter.

GPS Tracking

Send and track indoor and outdoor location information across the radio network, allowing the dispatcher to see users' location on a map.

Job Ticketing

Job Ticketing allows dispatchers to create, assign and track tasks. Jobs can be accepted, declined and finished by radio units by a radio button click or by a predefined message.

Guard Touring

Enable the dispatcher to create a route that one or more radio users have to follow at the correct intervals. Failure to complete the route at the right time will trigger an alarm.

Mobile Client, PTToC

Integrate smart devices that can seamlessly communicate via cellular or WiFi.

Alarm Management

Alarm Management helps you automate your daily tasks and deliver alerts from nearly any source to your radio, dispatchers, Mobile Clients, email accounts or cellular phones.

Camera Integration

The dispatcher console is able to capture live video feed from connected IP cameras.

Telephone Interconnect

Permits users to make and receive calls to and from telephone systems.

Voice Recording & Event Logging

Record and store all voice calls and system defined events.

Text Messaging

To and from individual users and groups. Predefined messages and text to speech functionality.

Smart Coverage Monitoring

Let the system identify and log the location of devices calling from poor RF coverage areas. Assisting with ongoing RF optimisation.


Team Safety Solutions

Engage your team, enhance safety and improve efficiency.

Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras record and store an audio and visual record of events.

Discreet Alarms

We offer a range of solutions for users to be able to raise a discreet alarm via your TES communication system.

Man Down

Configure your user radios, equipped with accelerometers, to detect fallen users and raise an alarm.

Lone Worker

Automatically request regular acknowledgement from remote workers that they are safe and well.

Indoor & Outdoor Location

Send and track indoor and outdoor location information across the radio network, allowing the dispatcher to see users' location on a map.

Video Analytics

Automated analysis of video files to identify risk and compliance.

Facial Recognition

Fast and automatic identification of people of interest.

Vehicle Recognition

Automated logging and reporting of vehicle registration plates.

Unusual Event Alerts

use AI technology to detect atypical activities.

Video Analysis

Rapid analysis of hours of video footage to automatically identify a range of matters of interest.


Data Protection & EMC Solutions

Vital for critical systems where data security and no single point of failure are essential. TES specialise in high fail over rate solutions.

Data Encryption

Data is a valuable business resource. TES are experts at deploying systems with enhanced encryption for governmental grade applications.

EMC Security

EMC radiation is a data security risk. TES can deploy RF filter solutions to prevent EMI emanations being reconstructed into useable data.


Optical networking solution for wireless data transmission in extremely sensitive RF environments.

System Redundancy

Where no single point of failure is acceptable TES can design systems with hot standby intelligence and rapid failover protocols.


Wide Area Networks

Our wireless broadband solutions transmit high rates of data over longer distances, in a life time cost effective way. Wireless broadband services are typically used for general back-haul, CCTV and video applications and for fibre redundancy.

Microwave Links

TES have designed and deployed a UK wide network of long distance, reliable and secure microwave links. Cost savings against leased lines are considerable.

IP Connectivity

Extend your IP network without boundary. Choose shared or private solutions.


Specialist RF Solutions

A wide area system is only as good as its RF coverage. This is an ongoing process of optimisation. However, extra coverage doesn't always need extra radio sites - TES specialise in innovative coverage solutions.

RF Over Fibre

TES have extensive experience of deploying large scale RFoF solutions. Use future proof and robust devices to manage the scale and cost of your radio infrastructure.

Underground Coverage

Extend RF coverage to previously unachievable locations using a TES underground coverage solution.


Intrinsically Safe Systems

Products and solutions specifically designed and accredited for use in explosive environments.

ATEX Infrastructure

TES are proud to have delivered ATEX compliant radio systems to a large number of UK clients.

ATEX Radios & Accessories

ATEX items need to be officially sourced and certified. Repair works can only be conducted in approved workshops. TES offer competitive pricing on all ATEX products.